Jamiah ITC Jambusar, Haji Ahmed Karakhdiwala Technical Center



Trade Name : Fitter
Course Duration : 2 Year
Minimum Qualification : 10th Pass


Skills acuired

  1. Simple marking out according to simple blue print
  2. Filing/ hack sawing and chipping
  3. Heat treating operations like hardening, tempering and annealing.
  4. Rivet lap and butt joint
  5. Butt and fillet welds – Gas & Arc.
  6. Gas cutting.
  7. Chucking, centering, plain turning, taper turning, boring and thread cutting.
  8. Use of sine bat and slip gauges, inspect angles
  9. Make simple jigs & fixtures.
  10. Dismantle & assemble simple machine parts and accessories.
Markup, punching, cutting, chipping and file jobs as per blue prints and able to finish an accuracy of 0.003’/ 0.08 mm

Elegibility for the Course : S.S.C. pass